Come see me at Handmade!

pink ranunculus (persian buttercup) in glasses on the wood table
wreath springFlower centrepieceRanunculus in vase
If you’re in Wellington this weekend, drop in to Handmade 2013. It’s a festival celebrating beautiful and creative things – a place for people who want to learn the skills and crafts of previous generations but in today’s context, using modern technology and style.

I’m giving two workshops: braided rugs and fabric decoupage on furniture, plus a masterclass on Backyard to Bouquets: growing your own cut flowers and herbs for year-round supply, plus some floral designing and gardening recycling tips. The Masterclass is on Sunday.

Still time to get tickets. See more here.


  1. Hi Jane – what a lovely blog! I have been searching for New Zealand based blogs like yours that are creative and a bit eco lifestyle. I have a question re floral art – is there a floral foam (like Oasis) that is environmentally friendly? I haven’t seen one, as I believe they are all petrochemical based, and that they don’t biodegrade. There would be a real market for such a product.

    • Hi Anne
      That’s a great question. You’re right – floral foam contains formaldehyde and is not biodegradable, and unfortunately I don’t know of any eco-friendly floral foam. What you can do instead is create a grid from sticky tape at the top of your vase (it could be a very short vase, if necessary) so that the stems are held up against the ‘holes’ in the grid. You can get biodegradable sticky tapes for this. Chicken wire is another option, either at the top of your vase or inside at the base. You could also use a floral frog inside your vase. There is also such a thing as The Perfect Arranger, which is stainless steel and fits inside your vase. I’m not entirely sure if you can get it here, but here is a link to it:

      For wreaths you could use a wire frame with sphagnum moss. There are companies in NZ that use sustainable moss management practices.
      Hope that helps.

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