Come hear me talk about herbs


Do you want to learn how to make your own herbal face creams and lotions, or perfumes? Do you want to make your own simple herbal remedies for health problems? Do you want recipes for using stevia, the sugar herb (use it in place of sugar)? Want to make your own natural cleaners?

Come listen to me speak! 

Learn how to grow herbs year round for culinarymedicinal and cosmetic purposes. Whether you have a large garden or a tiny potted one, find out how simple it is to grow herbs year round.

All attendants receive a FREE handout with food recipes, recipes for cleaning solutions, DIY perfumes, and herbal creams and lotions.

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  1. Hello Jane

    Im looking to buy some of Chamomile Flowers.
    Do you have any idea where i can get it?

    • Hi Mira
      Unfortunately I don’t. It’s not really the season for them right now, so I wouldn’t think you would find them now at all right now. They are spring/summer flowers. Sorry I can’t help you.

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