Metal pales and blooms

There’s something quite lovely about matching metal with petal, don’t you think? Very cottagey – which suits me and my cottage to a tee.

Images from French Larkspur, here and here.

Teacup flowers

Pull out and your dainty vintage teacups and put them to good use – as a sweet little vase for pretty flowers. These lovely creations, which feature over at Style Me Pretty, are blindingly simple to put together yet they’re downright gorgeous. Plop a piece of floral foam inside and insert flowers. Easy! Don’t worry if you haven’t got floral foam. You can pop a small jar inside the teacup and place your flowers into that. You can place them directly into the teacup too, but they stand better with foam or a jar.

Mixed flower bouquet

Jug flowers peony
Jug of flowers
My favourite type of arrangement for the vase is the rustic type, the casual, mixed flower bouquet with varying colours, flower forms and seed heads. And if the vase itself is rustic, all the better. These gorgeous creations from The Real Cut Flower Garden are just the ticket, mixing annuals, perennials, foliage and seed heads to perfection. The top arrangement sports a large peony (in the middle), pale orange stock, white phlox and blue cornflowers. The bottom arrangement showcases white phlox, pink achillea (bottom front), tall pink francoa spikes (top middle), red and green nigella seed heads (top right) and pincushion-headed astrantia. What’s your favourite type of arrangement?

Insanely beautiful flowers

Hydrangea vase

Spot the handsome hydrangea and the sexy South American bulb in this photo-worthy floral display. The hydrangea you’ve met before, but the bulb? Commonly known as ‘glory of the sun’, its botanical name is Leucocoryne purpurea. According to Parva Plants, it produces a few needle-like leaves in autumn “followed later by tall thin wiry stems boasting up to 8 long-lasting fragrant, papery blooms in shades of violet or maroon”. Outstanding!

DIY: Fresh flowers for the Christmas tree

Silverware vase Throwing out the silverware? Check out these perfectly stylish silverware vases designed by the clever folk over at Beach House Living. They make supremely lovely Christmas tree decorations, just big enough to hold a single flower. Want to make our own? Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Chic table decor

Chic table decor
An array of glass vases displaying single blooms screams elegance to me. Add silk butterflies and you have a picture-perfect floral display. If you’re short on flowers but awash with vases, this is the perfect solution. From Pale & Interesting.

Wild violet centrepieces

Wild violets

You gotta love wildflowers. They’re so free and easy. Case in point: wild violets. Each winter through spring these pee-wee perennials form prostrate mats of creeping stems with dainty purple flowers. I know they’re tenacious (lawn enthusiasts may despise them), but I adore their diminutive good looks as they make their way across the garden floor.

Turns out they make great cut flowers too. Of a sort. Check out this cute little DIY over at Design Sponge. All you need are old aperitif glasses, several wild violets (the sweet violet Viola odorata is perfect) and moss (sphagnum moss works just as well). Go to it!

Hanging blooms

Hanging vases

How perfect would it be to suspend vases from trees, posts or walls for a party or special occasion? It’s fairly commonplace to use Mason jars (or other rustic looking jars) to hang candles above tables when dining alfresco, but it would be super romantic to hang blooms as well. Gift stores often sell hanging vases, but you can easily make your own. Any container will do (even an old lightbulb), so long as it has a lip or some sort of attachment that allows you to hang it up. [Read more…]