Table Decor

Simple table decorations

Gold yellow roses
HyacinthPetals for table decorationtea lights for table decoration
Really, all you need to spice up a dinner table is a smattering of petals around a tea light candle, a few flower heads floating in a shallow bowl of water, a single flower in full bloom, or a fine-looking vase with a single coloured rose.

These designs are all incredible easy, yet quite beautifying for the table.

Rosy outlook

Wedding bouquet

Wedding flowersWedding flowers
Get a head start on spring by ordering your rose bushes for winter planting. Look online for specialist rose nurseries. There are a far great number of rose varieties and species available by mailorder than there are at your local garden centre. Bare-root roses will be sent out in winter, when they’re dormant.

In the meantime, be inspired by these delicious photos from Style Me Pretty. I adore the light pinky-brown rose. The berries look to be from the snowberry (Symphoricarpos), and the white flower in the bottom photo is love-in-a-mist (Nigella).

Sumptuous blooms

purple flowers
purple flowers2
One cannot help but fall in love with Sarah Ryhanen’s designs. Her colour and flower choices are exquisite. Here she uses purple ranunculus, purple and white chequered fritillarias, white grape hyacinths, double white daffodils and white bauble-like berzelia. I can’t get enough of them.

See more of Sarah’s designs here.

Flowers for the table

table flowersBlue table centrepieceHere are two very different floral creations that would both suit a casual centrepiece. The top image shows roses, jasmine and unripe strawberries in a fancy vase; the bottom image is a collection of blue flowers in plain metal dishes. Both look striking in their own way and both look like they’ve been casually thrown together on the spur of the moment – none the worse for it.

Image source: rose bouquet Moonlight Rainbow; blue flowers Basket Bike.

Bunches of lilacs

Bunch of purple lilacsBunch of purple lilacs
I can only dream of having big bunches of lilacs on my kitchen table. They’re exquisite, but they’re too warm to grow them here in Auckland. I could buy them from a florist’s shop, but they don’t last at all long once you get them home. Sigh. I have to be content with beautiful images like these from Dreamy Whites (top) and All The Beautiful Things.

On show: anemones and ranunculi

Anemones and ranunculi
Anemones and ranunculi are some of my favourite blooms and if you planted yours early enough they should be in flower now. The top photo shows a rainbow of colourful ranunculi and the bottom shows a mix of purple anemones combined with white ranunculi, hydrangeas and blue tweedia. This gorgeous design (purple anemones) was created by the lovely Kiwi ladies from Roses Florists and photographed by Lavara Photography. The top design is from the ever fabulous Style Me Pretty. If you didn’t get around to planting anemone and ranunculus bulbs earlier in the year, don’t worry. You can pick up some flowering plants from your local garden centre.

Making a big statement

Floral centrepiece
Floral centrepiece2Floral centrepiece and wedding bouquetFloral centrepiece

How’s this for a table centrepiece. Massive, elegant and very impressive. The flowers, which feature soft pinks, deep burgundies and blue foliage, were inspired by the painting ‘The Bouquet’ by Jan Bueghel. Check out more gorgeous photos over at Ruffled.


Citrus, berries and white blooms

Amaryllis, berries and kumquat

What a fabulous plant combination! Snow white flowers, black berries and golden-orange kumquats. We don’t seem to have the egg-shaped kumquats in New Zealand but the round kumquats are equally effective. The white blooms look so pristine against the black berries and orange fruit. The blooms here are ranunculus and amaryllis. The berries are actually from the privet tree – a weed here. You could try viburnum berries instead.

This gorgeous arrangement features over at Ruffled. Check it out.

Plant Now: Lavender

Lavender head wreath
Lavender table decorationLavender wedding bouquetLavender table decoration
Are these not THE most beautiful images ever? Fields of lavender and pretty flower girls with lavender head wreaths.

Now’s a good time to plant, and even transplant, lavender. Lavenders actually transplant well, but they may not flower in the first season after they’re moved. If you do wish to transplant one, snip off any flowers, cut the roots back a little then plant it in its new position. Leave Lavandula stoechas varieties until early spring.

Lavender likes a gritty, sandy loam. [Read more…]

Wildflower bouquet and centrepiece

Wildflowers in birdcage
Wildflower bouquet
This floral display was inspired by Colorado wildflowers, with pretty little daisy flowers, blue scabiosa, snip-snappy snapdragons (antirrhinum), lovely scented lavender, and seed heads, among others. The bouquet itself is gorgeous, but I’m truly in love with the bird cage filled with moss and flowers. See more photos over at Style Me Pretty.