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Chocolate cake, rosewater ice cream & nougat

Rosewater ice cream
I brought back some nougat from Aussie the other week, which lead me to search the net for decadent nougat recipes, which lead me to this decadent nougat rose petal recipe, which lead to this post. My rose petals are begging to be turned into something exotic, and I think this recipe over at Starling Cafe is just the ticket. Sweet tooth, anybody?

Strawberry chocolate wreath centerpiece

Strawberry wreath by Studio Choo Flowers via Design Sponge

Makes you hungry, doesn’t it? Over at Design Sponge, the ever-talented girls at Studio Choo Flowers created this living wreath centerpiece for a sunny weekend brunch party. They used strawberry plants, chocolate mint and clusters of honey-scented alyssum but say any small plants can be used. If watered regularly, this cute display will last 4-6 weeks. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Rose petal jam

Rose petal jamIf life gives you roses, make rose petal jam. Really! All roses’ petals are edible but the sweeter the scent, the sweeter the taste. The folk at No Onion Please made this delicious looking batch, just like their grandma used to make.

Edible blooms

Edible flowersNow you can have your flowers and eat them too. Truly! Certain flowers are just as tasty and nutritious as salad greens, such as these pea blossoms, as Sara over at Sara’s Kitchen discovered. For those who haven’t tried them, now’s your chance. It’s still pea-sowing season, so get sowing and you can harvest your own fresh peas – or flowers – in no time. The blooms are delicious – sweet and crunchy with a flavour just like peas. Same goes for the shoots and vine tendrils, which also have a pea-like flavour. Over at Kitchen Unplugged, Gattima has also used edible flowers to decorate her dish of home-made ravioli and figs.

So what flowers can you eat? [Read more…]