Container Gardening

Succulent roof for dog house

Dog house with succulents

I love this green-roofed dog house, which features over at Sky Gardens. If I had a dog I would build one myself. Perhaps I could make one for the cat instead. Here, the handsome Finn and Cooper pose beneath their fine abode, which is planted with numerous flowering sedum. Cute! The dogs and the dog house.

Seriously cool string gardens

String gardens

Have you ever seen anything like it? Beautifully healthy plants hanging from… yes, strings. No pot. Just what looks like moss around the root ball and a sprinkling of grass. If you trawl through the photo gallery, you’ll find Christmas lilies, nasturtiums roses, tomatoes, even live Christmas trees suspended by strings. Click here to see more amazing air gardens.

Plant a water lily garden

Waterlily and tuberose bouquet by Little Pheasant

Water lilies make great cut flowers (just look at this beautiful bouquet by Denise over at Little Pheasant). Those with long stems, as shown here (tropical water lilies), are best for picking but don’t overlook the shorter stemmed varieties (hardy water lilies) – you can float those in glass or ceramic bowls for a pretty centrepiece. [Read more…]

Recycled containers

Recycled containers
Recycle throw-away items into cute, perky containers. As far as the materials go, the sky is the limit! Here an old bottle crate and vintage dairy box provide the perfect vessels for a miniature garden. Line wooden boxes with plastic to prevent rotting, and make sure you punch drainage holes through the plastic and the wooden bottom.

Container gardening

ContainersContainer gardens can be a work of art. Check out these decorative metal planters from Pale & Interesting. Inspired by decorative old French washtubs, I reckon they’d be just the ticket for my front door. Closer to home, The Company Shed in Canterbury stocks some great vintage looking pots too, which can be shipped anywhere in NZ. Or dig out that rusty metal washtub that grandma once used.

Container-grown plants need more attention than those in the ground. Lack of water can quickly kill plants because they can’t dig down deep in search of moisture. [Read more…]