Candy-striped cosmos

Cosmos Candy Stripe

I truly adore this cosmos from King Seeds. ‘Candy Stripe’ has been a floral favourite for a couple of years now and she still delivers on all her promises. She thrives on neglect (just as well), she grows a mighty 110cm tall (if not taller), she blooms from spring to autumn (what a trooper) and she self-seeds if you leave her to it. She even makes a great cut flower. Like all cosmos, ‘Candy Stripe’ is a no-nonsense, no-maintenance sort of plant. She’s fast-growing, prolific flowering and drought tolerant. And, apparently, resistant to disease. This year my white cosmos succumbed to powdery mildew. But not ‘Candy Stripe’. She had not a single powdery puff on her.


  1. Love this Cosmos-definitely on my seed list for next year now, and good to know how robust it is too. Thanks Jane!

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