Bloomin’ beautiful

Ranunculus and colourful foliage
flowers in cup
You can buy them in garden stores now, and if you planted yours early enough, you could be picking them from your garden too. Ranunculi are spring blooms but they often appear in winter, like their seasonal friends, anemones. The top bouquet features ranunculus (top and top right of photo) alongside colourful foliage, providing a mellow yellow glow to your winter days. The second design has nothing to do with ranunculus, but I liked it anyway. It features the stunning chocolate vine, akebia. Unfortunately akebia is a banned plant in New Zealand, given its runaway tendencies, but you can create a similar picture using flowers such as pansies, violets, primulas, clematis or hardenbergia.

These two divine floral displays are from the amazing girls at Florali.

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