Best blooms – roses and sweet peas

Roses and sweet peas

Two of my favourite flowers are in full bloom right now – scented roses and picotee sweet peas. Rosa ‘St Paul’s Cathedral’ is SO gorgeous, I just might die. Each head is so perfectly formed and so deliciously fragrant that it constantly stops people dead in their tracks. Same goes for the sweet peas. Bring a bunch indoors and their exquisite perfume hits you right between the eyes as soon as you walk in the door.

Picotee sweet peas are characterised by a thin band of colour around the edge of each petal. The ones shown here have a thin picotee margin, but some varieties have a gradual shading which results in a broader, more diffuse band.

Either way, sweet peas last only a few days in the vase, but for longer life, pick when one flower is fully open and the next is just starting to open. The flowers still last only a few days, but each bud on the stem will open, providing a longer vase life.

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