Baby’s breath hanging balls

gypsophila hanging balls

This has to be the best use EVER for baby’s breath (gypsophila). Delicate hanging balls. Melanie from Cecilia Fox, who made these beautiful baubles, says they’re not too difficult to make. “It is more or less bunches of gyp wired and put into an oasis sphere. It pays to hang the oasis ball from somewhere and start at the top working your way down. Pack the bunches in as tightly as possible and mist them thoroughly.”

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing Melanie. Visit the Cecilia Fox website here for more lovely images.


  1. Michelle cole says:

    WHAT A GEM!! I had this in mind for my wedding to hand from the stems of the orangy but couldnt convince my fiance untill now. he loves the uniqueness of this and i cant wait to see them hanging at my wedding glittering above our family and friends heads.Fantastic.

  2. Bekki Martyn says:

    how much does something like that generally cost for a wedding?

    • Hi Bekki
      Do you mean how much for the baby’s breath balls? This is a DIY project so it really depends on the price of the floral foam (in a sphere shape) and the gypsophila from a florist in your area.

  3. Hi Jane

    How much gypsophila would you need to cover a 20 cm ball? Would this be big enough to hang in a marquee wedding? Thankyou

    • Hi Jo. Yes, a 20cm ball would be fine, though I guess it depends on what size your marquee is. If it’s huge (some of these marquees can be enormous), you might want to go with a bigger size ball, if there is just the one. You will need a reasonable amount of gypsophila to cover the ball thoroughly. Just one sprig of gypsophila is quite airy, so you do need rather a few to cover it. I would get quite a few sprigs – more than you think is necessary. If there are any left over, you can put them in vases.

  4. Chelsea Knoop says:

    Hello my name is Chelsea and I am having a wedding in October 2014. I am considering doing babies breath balls as decoration for the hanging next to each row on the walkway as I approach the gazebo in the ceremony. I’m looking to see if it is possible to Purchase the babies breath balls from a different state if so how does that work, I’m in Tucson, would they be fresh?? If so how much would it be for 14 inch balls covered with babies breath times 10. And in addition to that possibly two or three larger balls as decoration. How much for babies breath to add to decoration on each table 6 tables total I need somewhere to start please contact me if you have any information that may help me. Thank you so much

    • Hi Chelsea
      I live in New Zealand so unfortunately I’m not familiar with prices of baby’s breath overseas. I should think if you bought the baby’s breath balls in another state they will still be fresh as the flower is very long-lasting. However, transporting them would be the problem. You would be best to enquire with the florist selling them what their cost is and whether it’s feasible to transport them over a distance. Sorry I can’t help you more.

  5. Hazel Penny says:

    Hi Jane,

    I love the idea! I am wanting to use baby’s breath for my bouquets and some decorations, but I was wanting to grow it myself if possible to save the expense. Do you know how well it grows in Taranaki and whether it would still be flowering well at the start of March? I have a big area I was hoping to plant out in the seeds over several weeks so that the plants could all be growing at different stages… Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks, Hazel.

    • Hi Hazel
      Yes, I don’t see why it wouldn’t grow in Taranaki and it should still be flowering in March. Great idea for successive planting. Make sure you snip off the finished flowers too so that they continue to flower. I would sow some in trays for transplanting and some directly into the garden. Also, feed with a liquid food occasionally to keep flowers coming. You might also need to watch out for slugs and snails. Good luck!

      By the way, you may be interested in my weddings FB page:

  6. Ann White says:

    I am wanting to grow Gypsophlia for my son’s wedding flower arrangements.
    We live in Timaru and would need to transport the cut flowers to Wanaka.
    The wedding is at the beginning of January. What would be the best way transport the cut Gypsophila in the car two days before the wedding and keep,the flowers in good condition.

    • Hi Ann
      Growers typically harvest gypsophila for transporting when 50% of the flowers on the stem are open. But the flower is sensitive to exposure to both ethylene in the environment (such as exhaust gases, mature fruits or other flowers) and ethylene produced by the flowers themselves. The symptoms are early senescence of the flowers (drying) and flower drop. To get around this the growers use a post-harvest treatment. For yourself, you could try treating them with FLORISSANT 100. This product inhibits the effect of internal ethylene production by the flower and protects against external ethylene coming from secondary sources. It’s available from horticultural suppliers such as Horticentre (click here). There is some good information on the product here too.

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