Ask a gardening question and win! – June

Head over to Sweet Living (my other website), ask a gardening question and be in the chance to win!

Each month Daltons will answer a question or two, which I’ll feature on the site. Plus, you have the chance to win a gardening pack.

This month we have two Daltons Premium Citrus packs to give away (to Kiwis) that contain everything you need to grow gorgeous, vitamin-rich citrus fruit.

Each pack is valued at $85 and contains 2 x Daltons Incredible Edibles Container Mix, 1 x Daltons Incredible Edibles Citrus Fertiliser (1.5kg) and 1 x Daltons Premium Planter Tabs PLUS a pair of comfortable, versatile Red Back gardening gloves from Omni Products.

For this month, you must get your question in by 22 June.


Good luck!


  1. Karen Taylor says:

    Hi Jane
    I am trying to come to grips with growing from seed, I have a much better success rate with natives then I do with the cottage seeds I’m trying at the moment.
    I live in Auckland.
    I planted sweetpea seeds direct in the autumn – it was a long warm autumn and they sprouted very quickly and I’ve since lost most of them in a cold snap. Would I have been better to have left planting seed until winter (slower germination) or is it about protecting you shoots from whatever the weather may do?
    Any other tips for growing cottage garden plants from seed?

    • Hi Karen
      With sweet pea seeds in Auckland, it’s actually best to sow them in winter, even July or August, for good even growth. They will grow quickly when it’s warmer, which can be to their detriment. With cottage plants, it’s best leave sowing now until late winter, early spring (August is a good time). Sow them in trays or small pots and grow them on until they are big enough to plant outdoors and after any frost has passed (if you get frosts). Keep the trays sheltered (on a covered deck or porch for exampled), then gradually introduce them further outside before planting out, so harden them up.

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