Anemones and ranunculi

Anemomes and ranunculi

I picked a bunch of white anemones and orange ranunculi yesterday, two of my all-time favourite flowers. I reckon they’re the best-value bulbs on the market. Last year mine bloomed for five solid months, providing endless bunches of flowers for indoors. And they’re super long-lasting in the vase, the ranunculi lasting up to two weeks and anemones 5-7 days.

Both anemones and ranunculi like to be well fed while growing. A general-purpose fertiliser once a month is fine, and a mulch of compost or aged manure is beneficial too. Apply water regularly, ensuring ranunculi, in particular, don’t dry out. Continue feeding and watering when in flower and your plants will keep producing blooms for several months.

In late spring/early summer, rising temperatures will see the dying down of your plants. Tubers can be lifted and replanted the following year from February to May (or you can leave them in the ground in mild areas), but if you want to grow them as cut flowers, you might be best to plant new tubers. That’s because the number of stems and the stem lengths decreases significantly each year.

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