Achillea head wreath

Head wreath
My achilleas are flowering their socks off right now (bottom photo). In fact they flower for a fair few months of the year. They’re a superb filler plant, being broad-shouldered, and their tiny flowers last a good two weeks in a vase. But achilleas are vigorous perennials, with a tendency to bowl over less vigorous plants in the same bed. Give them their own contained bed and you’ll have fresh flowers for many months of the year.

Check out the simple head wreath (seen here at Loreta’s blog), which features daisies, chrysanthemums and purple achilleas. I have the daisies and the purple achilleas. I just need to find myself some deep purple chrysanths. Gorgeous!


  1. Super gorgeous headwreath. I love all the different colors achillea comes in!

  2. Such a beautiful violet Achillea! Can you please tell me its name so I can buy it?

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