7 household items you can reuse to improve your lawn and garden

Empty toilet paper roll made into a planter
Reuse, recycle, revamp. The call to make more sense out of our leftover items can be heard everywhere. We’re becoming a smart society, not as keen to toss everything in the trash anymore. So, what does recycling have to do with gardening? More than you might think! There are plenty of common items you can find in gardens sheds and your home that you can use and reuse in the garden to make your life much simpler.

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Trash to Treasure in the Garden


      1. Bananas- If you have a few bananas that have become too old to eat, don’t throw them away. Instead, plant them in the ground around your rose bushes. Roses love potassium and will flourish with the extra boost from the bananas.
      2. Milk- For years we’ve heard that milk does a body good, but what does it do for your garden? Leftover milk fights viruses and fungi that grow on plants and vegetables. Dilute spoiled milk with water, pour into a spray bottle; then spray infected leaves as needed.
      3. Cardboard Tubes- When you’re finished with a roll of tissue or paper towels, don’t throw out the tube; store it in your garden shed. These household items are biodegradable and create brilliant ‘mini fences’. When placed around the stem of plants, they prevent numerous worms and hazardous bugs from climbing on, eating, and damaging the plant.
      4. Blinds- Has your cat or dog destroyed the blinds again? Or maybe you’re just ready to change them out. Instead of tossing them in the rubbish bin, cut the plastic into strips. They make perfect little markers for the garden, allowing you to easily see what’s been planted and what hasn’t.
      5. Coffee Filters- Hanging planters can be a fun way to make use of the vertical gardening space you have, but they need to let water out without losing dirt. Placing rocks in the bottom of the planter before filling it with dirt weighs the planter down, which can cause it to break or cause the hook it is hanging from to come loose. An easier, and lighter, solution is to add a coffee filter at the bottom of your pot. This will keep the dirt in place, but water can still run out.
      6. Matches- Are you growing peppers? Pepper plants love acidic soil, and it’s easy to provide them with what they need. How? Simply bury a few matches nearby. The matches should be buried well beneath the soil and close to the plant so the plant can extract the sulphur from the matches. However, it should never directly touch the matches.
      7. Subscription Cards- If you’re like most gardeners, you love receiving gardening magazines in the post. However, those subscription cards that come with them generally end up in the trash. Why waste them? Instead, fold them in half and tape two of the sides. This will form a little pocket that can be used to store seeds, which will fit neatly on the shelf in your garden shed.

Your home and garden shed are full of items you can use to improve your gardening experience. See what you can utilise today.


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