Plant Now: Zinnias

Zinnias cut flowers
zinnias cut flowers
Zinnias are quick bloomers – sowing to flowering can take as little as 80 days. They’re quite the little workhorse in the flower garden too, producing a constant supply of blooms for the vase for many weeks.

Zinnias come in almost every colour, including bi-coloured and speckled, pale or vibrant hues. Mostly we think of them as bright and gaudy, with hot pinks, juicy oranges, yellows, reds and maroons, like in the bottom photo from Twist of Lime. Though there are soft pastel colours to choose from as well (middle image is from brilliant photographer Tammy Hughes). The top bouquet, designed by the ever-fabulous Florali, also features vibrant orange zinnias, marigolds, celosia and peonies, among others.

Sow seeds or plant seedlings now for a vibrant autumn show, and plant in full sun.

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