Plant Now: White Cosmos

jane seymour garden
I sowed a whole tray of white cosmos a couple of weekends ago and they’re already tall enough for pricking out. These gorgeous annuals can bloom in as little as two months after sowing, and my lot are right on track for that.

Cosmos are one of the easiest annuals to grow by seed and they flower so prolifically you’ll have a constant supply for picking from spring till autumn. Just deadhead the ones that have finished flowering (that is, if you don’t get around to picking them) and they’ll keep on blooming. Cosmos seeds are available from pretty much all garden centres and from all seed suppliers, so you’ll have no problem finding them. Look for them in pinks, oranges and yellows too – though my fav is white, with its understated elegance.

See how they look in a bouquet, above (from florist Amy Merrick), or in the garden, as in the Jane Seymour show garden at the 2009 Hampton Court Flower Show, which comes from Martin at Newton.

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