Plant Now: Honeywort


Honeywort (Cerinthe major) is a superb cut flower, bulking up bouquets with its glaucous foliage and purple-blue bracts and small bell flowers. Even after the tiny bell flowers have fallen, the bracts and foliage stay fresh for weeks. It’s a super hardy annual, and seeds can be sown directly in the garden now for a late winter appearance. The variety shown here (which features over at Inter Leafings) is ‘Purpurascens’, but there are other varieties available too, such as ‘Kiwi Blue’ and ‘Pride of Gibraltar’, both from Kings Seeds.


  1. What time of year should honeypot be planted in nz

    • It’s best planted in the cooler months – towards summer it gets a bit straggly. I’ve planted it directly in the garden in May and it germinates and grows easily (I’m in Auckland). Though typically late winter/early spring is a good time to sow.

    • Caroline Morris says:

      Fantastic filler though can get a bit floppy, best propped up by other plants in vicinity, will grow through twiggy perennials, but can block out smaller plants, doesn’t mind shade, en mass the blue green leaves look amazing, flowers a bonus. Treat an an annual.

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