Plant Now: Cosmos

If you haven’t already, sow cosmos seeds. The white, pink, deep rose or red flowers are easy to grow and flower for months on end. These pretty annuals like heat so they flower best when temperatures remain above 15degC. Too much below that and growth and flowering is inhibited.

Sow seeds in trays for transplanting later. In the garden, space your seedlings about 20cm apart. Feed with a balanced fertilised when first transplanted then again in midsummer. Once more over the season is adequate. Too much fertiliser will result in tall, lanky plants with more leaves than flowers.

Seeds are available from all seed suppliers. For a bicoloured variety like the above, try ‘Candy Stripe’ from Kings Seeds.

Plant your cosmos en masse for a lovely wild look. Pick them regularly for the vase – they make great cut flowers – or deadhead regularly to keep the flowers coming.

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