Plant Now: Cornflowers

Blue cornflowers
Blue cornflowers
Cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus) are old faithfuls in the cut flower garden, producing blue, white or pink flowers in spring and summer. They’re hardy annuals, so seeds can be sown now to grow on through winter. Sow directly in a sunny spot or sow in trays for transplanting later. Seeds are available from most seed suppliers.

This lovely bouquet comes from Ashley Fox Designs and includes white sweet peas, white freesias, light blue tweedia and electric blue cornflowers.



  1. Hi Jane,

    I absolutely love the cornflower/freesia and sweet pea in the white jug and was wondering what substitutes I could use for a wedding in February? I understand that all three of the above flowers are not available at that time of the year in NZ?


    • Hi Renee
      Yes, Unfortunately that’s true. None of those three flowers will be blooming at that time. You could possibly try white hydrangeas in place of the sweet peas and freesias, and Scabiosa caucasica in place of the cornflowers. The scabiosas should be in flower at that time, although they are probably more lilac than blue. Although some forms are bluer than others. You can see the scabiosa here and here. While the hydrangeas have large heads, the small florets will have a similar effect as numerous small white flowers bunched together, and the scabiosas can be tucked in between the individual florets.

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