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Brand new echinaceas

Just look at these three new fancy echinaceas, all brand-new releases, out this month. The top photo shows the variety ‘Coral’ Reef, a double echinacea, with dark orange rays that fade to coral, and an unusual coral cone. The middle photo is ‘Pink Poodle’ (truly, it is an echinacea), which has extraordinary double pink dahlia-like blooms that are a massive 10cm wide. The next is ‘Tangerine Dream’, a single form, with deep orange, downward-curving petals. All are hardy plants that are superb cut flowers.

Want to WIN one?
I have one plant of each variety to give away (that’s three lucky winners who win one exquisite new echinacea of their choice). To go into the draw to win one, just post a comment here (click on the comments tag above these photos), and let me know which one you like best. (Only one entry per person.) I’ll publish the winners’ names here. So good luck!

Competition closes Sunday 27th February.


  1. Leigh Cuff says:

    I must say Jane – haven’t been on this website for a while and it’s looking ultra fab! The photos are exquisite!

  2. Love the Tangerine Dream Jane. Will I enjoy it in my garden as much as I enjoy receiving this email each week?

  3. Deborah Brown says:

    Just love all the pictures you show…bright and vibrant. Would love to win Tangerine Dream

  4. Fiona Clark says:

    Hi Jane, Thanks for all the great info you are sending out. It’s Coral Reef I have my eye on … would absolutely love to win it so fingers crossed.

  5. Karen Lowe says:

    Hi Jane I love all of them but Coral reef is probably my favorite. Have just discovered echinaceas and love them so will be looking for more to add to me small collection.

  6. I’m sure I could find space for a tangerine dream. Have been enjoying reading your blog, thank you for your efforts

  7. Laura Watson says:

    Would love to win Pink Poodle! It DOES look like a dahlia!

  8. I smelt the beautiful echinaneas scent fragrance for the first time today and had just deceided that I need to devote a whole garden bed to them. My favourite is ‘Coral’ reef which would go well with my roses that ranges from blush pick to apricot!

  9. Love Tangerine Dream!

  10. I really like the Pink Poodle. But all three look beautiful.
    Great web site !

  11. Coral Reef is my favourite.
    Beautiful photos!

  12. Beautifully designed web site !
    I love the Pink Poodle.

  13. I have just read your blog after reading your write-up in our daily newspaper. I opened the page and the colours sprang out – such a lovely bright page. All three echinaceas are beautiful. My favourite would be “Coral Reef”. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  14. elaine brown says:

    Opened the southland Times this morning and there they were!! Found your site,first time visitor, won’t be my last. I would love any one of these beautiful plants.

  15. They’re all gorgeous but pink poodle would go best in the garden I have in mind. Have been enjoying your website, thanks, kt.

  16. I have never visited your site before. have plenty of pink echinacea as it does well here but would love a Coral Reef

  17. carol ann sheldon says:

    Love pink poodle. So shaggy you want to cuddle it. Adore the photos. You are so talented.

  18. New to the site, but looks good.

  19. I really enjoyed your column in the Waikato Times “Your Weekend’ today. I have a ‘Tomato Soup’ echinacea and I would love to pair it with the elegant and sleek ‘Tangerine Dream’. Red and Orange clash on skinny models but look great in the garden.

  20. Hi Jane I like the site, Tangerine Dream is my choice indeed if the blooms are as good as the pic shows then I’d love to grow them too.
    Suitable for Southland climatic conditions hopefully, my husband thinks they are the nicest of the lot too.
    cheers 🙂

  21. What stunners! I love the colours. It would be really nice to add one of these to my slowly developing garden, especially the Tangerine Dream.
    I do enjoy reading your items in the Weekend spread and use alot of your advice as a newcomer to gardening here in New Zealand, thank you. Joy.

  22. Hi Jane,
    I would love to win Tangerine Dream in my new beach garden as it is such a struggle to grow anything. I love colour.

  23. Hi Jane – I really enjoy reading your blog. The flower arrangements are gorgeous and give me lots of ideas! I planted starball scabiosa after reading your post and it’s just coming into flower – I’m looking forward to picking the seed heads. And I’d love to give the beautiful Pink Poodle a go.

  24. Sue Stretton says:

    Tangerine dream looks lovely – bright and happy – I love single flowered plants; it will blend nicely with natives.

  25. How nice that beauty can also be healthily beneficial. Coral Reef is my pick.

  26. gaynor brown says:

    Just discovered your website and have found it full of wonderful ideas, I am starting a brand new garden in South Westland after building.The colors of my house are very dark brown with a feature wall of Farenheit (orange/coral) – I think the variety Coral Reef would be the perfect match and if I don’t win one, where can I buy it?

    • Good luck with the draw, Gaynor. These plants are available from most garden centres in February and March. The growers are InPlants, so if you have difficulty finding any, you could ask your local garden centre if they could order some in from the growers for you. Jane

  27. Jennifer Smith says:

    I love “coral reef” the best. If I win it I think I’ll give it away to my mother-in-law who has a lovely peachy/apricot coloured rose in Wanaka that would compliment this echinacea just beautifully.

    Warm regards,


  28. I have to say “Pink Poodle” is my fav
    It truly is the one I must have
    With such huge double pink blooms
    It will fit in one of my gardening rooms
    They all are gorgeous, I have to say
    But with pinks and purples, I love to play.

  29. Brian Payne says:

    Hi Jane,

    All three look fantastic but if I have to choose one, I pick the “Coral Reef “.
    It would add some much needed colour to our garden.


  30. Hi Jane just found your great website I would love to win the Coral Reef Plant.
    I will have a look some other time at your site fingers crossed for the plant.
    Regards Maree

  31. Claire Mc Ternan says:

    Coral Reef would be my choice, fingers crossed

  32. Margaret Osborne says:

    I love the ‘Pink Poodle’, pink is a favourite colour of mine.

  33. Gillian Jones says:

    ‘Coral’ Reef would be my pick… but what a hard choice, they all look striking!

  34. Odette Wech says:

    ‘Tangerine Dream’ would be my pick but love them all.
    Would love to win one

  35. These are beautiful my favorite is the Coral reef thank you so much for this Blog so much amazing things on here <3 it

  36. I love the Pink Poodle.Very frivolous! great plants all of them though. So hard to choose. 🙂

  37. Heather MacKenzie says:

    Wow, they are beautiful, I would not have guessed they were ehinacea’s. I love the Pink Poodle too 🙂

  38. They are all beautiful but I would love to win Tangerine Dream

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